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Ali Tabassi

Vice Chairman, WiMAX Forum and Chief Operating Officer, YTL Communications Sdn Bhd

Prior to joining YTL Communications in May 2010, Ali Tabassi was the senior vice president of global ecosystem & standards for Clearwire, responsible for driving industry standards and the global ecosystem to achieve Clearwire’s corporate strategies. He was also responsible for positioning the corporation as an industry leader in technology & product innovation by leading the company’s global advocacy program which educates foreign government regulators & ministers, as well as operators, while also promoting Clearwire’s technology, products, and services resulting in a broader ecosystem. He championed the development and implementation of intellectual property invention disclosures as well as establishing Clearwire’s domestic and international roaming program. Mr. Tabassi was also responsible for Clearwire International’s network engineering & operations, product development, and IT services in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Poland, and Spain as the CTO of the Clearwire International.

Mr. Tabassi has over 25 years of experience in the development, integration, and operation of wireless solutions in the telecommunications, networking, and IP industries. Prior to Clearwire, Mr. Tabassi was acting CTO and vice president of technology development and architecture for Sprint Nextel, responsible for leading the development of technology, network, systems architecture and evolution strategies. He also oversaw evaluation of emerging technologies that enable delivery of differentiated products and services in pursuit of new business opportunities. Mr. Tabassi ensured that Sprint Nextel was at the forefront of technology innovation. Before joining Sprint, Mr. Tabassi was EVP and chief technology and development officer for MobileStar, a provider of wireless broadband access. Prior to MobileStar, Mr. Tabassi was vice president of engineering and operations for SkyTel, a leader in wireless messaging, managing network planning, system design, project management, implementation, maintenance, and operations of SkyTel’s Nationwide Traditional and Advanced Messaging Networks. Mr. Tabassi also served as director of engineering services for both Alltel Mobile, the cellular division of ALLTEL Corporation, and for LCC International, one of the world's leading telecommunication consulting firms.

Mr. Tabassi holds an MBA and two Bachelor of Science degrees, in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics.

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