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Mark Altshuller

CTO and VP Product Management of BWA, Telrad Networks

Mr. Mark Altshuller has over 17 years experience in the telecommunication industry with a variety of management positions and technological experience. Mark is one of the leaders in defining the WiMAX architecture and standards. During Mark’s eight year tenure in Alvarion, he has served as Director of Systems and in various Product Management positions. For the past two years, Mark has served as the CTO of Alvarion and is leading the new strategic direction of the company towards LTE and penetrating new segment of 3G/4G complementary solution. Prior to Alvarion, Mark held system and product management positions in leading companies such as Nortel and Telrad. Mark's main expertise is in wireless and mobile network technologies and he has extensive business experience in the telecommunication industry. Mark holds a B.Sc. in Electrical and Computing Engineering from the Ben Gurion University in Israel.

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