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WiMAX Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
(X.509 certificates)

A PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) enables users of a basically unsecure public network, such as the Internet, to securely and privately exchange data and money through the use of a public and a private cryptographic key pair that is obtained and shared through a trusted authority. The public key infrastructure provides for a digital certificate that can identify an individual or an organization and directory services that can store and, when necessary, revoke the certificates. The WiMAX Forum® has defined the policies and profiles for the WiMAX Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”) which utilizes X.509 certificates and their associated keys to identify and authenticate the identity of devices and servers in a WiMAX network. An overview of the WiMAX PKI process is available here WiMAX Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Users Overview.

Ordering Certificates

Symantec (formerly VeriSign), provides WiMAX PKI certificate services to WiMAX Forum members companies only. Currently Symantec is the sole provider of WiMAX Device and Server PKI certificates.  If you are a WiMAX Forum member, please follow the link below to learn more how to order the WiMAX PKI certificates.

WiMAX Forum Member's PKI Certificate Information (Member login required)

If your company is not a member of the WiMAX Forum and wishes to learn more about the benefits of membership or wishes to become a member please visit the WiMAX Forum Membership webpage or contact

The WiMAX Policy Authority requires that each applicant wishing to receive PKCs execute a WiMAX PKI License Agreement before the applicant is approved as an Authorized User.

Questions about WiMAX PKI services or the WiMAX PKI License Agreement may be directed to



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